Clarice Lispector: Cult Hero

Clarice Lispector

3:AM Magazine lists Clarice Lispector as a 3:AM Cult Hero. British writer Lee Rourke reflects on Lispector's characteristic silences:
[...] But silence? What is this silence within The Hour of the Star? In Rodrigo S.M.’s narration? In Clarice Lispector’s writing itself? Clarice Lispector once proclaimed The Hour of the Star as a book made without words. Lispector’s silence is Macabéa’s sorrow, and just because we never hear it, this doesn’t mean that it’s not there throughout. It is Macabéa’s bona fide voice; and this silence in The Hour of the Star is the power of Clarice Lispector as a writer: knowing just what to leave out. [Read more]