Beckett Between: Paris Conference 2010

Design: Rhys Tranter

Beckett Between
International Conference, 20-21st February 2010
École Normale Supérieure et le Centre Culturel Irlandais, Paris

20th February : École Normale Supérieure

09.00: Keynote Speaker Dr. Phyllis Gaffney, Poétique de l’entre-deux/entre deux poétiques : Mercier et/and Camier

10.00-11.30: Panel 1 : Beckett Between States
Chair Dr. Sam Slote
  • Alys Moody, The Non-Lieu of Hunger: Writing Starvation Between France and Ireland
  • Dr. Rodney Sharkey, A Tale of Two Cities: “unspeakable home”
  • Dr. Garin Dowd, Interpenetrations: Beckett and the Architectural Imagination/Interpénétrations: Beckett et l’imagination architecturale

11.45-13.15: Panel 2: Beckett Between the Notes
Chair Dr. Stephanie Ravez
  • Dr. Pascale Sardin, Dr. Karine Germoni, Tensions of the in-between: rhythm, absence of rhythm and lyricism in Fin de Partie/Endgame
  • Pierre Longuenesse, Des pieces radiophoniques au “théâtre pour l’oreille”: Musique des mots et/ou musique instrumentale dans quelques œuvres de Yeats et Beckett
  • Dr. Thomas Cousineau, Between Tragedy and Misery: A Choral Reading of Beckett’s Theatre

15.00-16.30: Panel 3: Beckett Between Books
Chair Dr. Anthony Cordingley
  • Melanie Foehn, Poetic developments of fragmentary writing in Samuel Beckett and Pascal
  • Iain Bailey, Beckett, Bilingualism and the Bible
  • Dr. Everett Frost, A Key to a Pessimist’s “Literary Fantasia”: Reading Beckett’s notes on Arnold Geulincx

16.45-18.15: Panel 4: Beckett Between the Lines
Chair Dr. Justin Beplate
  • Dr. Dirk Van Hulle, Beckett Between the Phrases: Textual Scars in Molloy and En attendant Godot
  • Dr. Mark Nixon, ‘always elsewhere’: Beckett’s German diaries
  • Dr. James Williams, Beckett Between the Words

20.30-22.00: Performance of Samuel Beckett’s First Love
A Gare St Lazare Players Ireland production, presented by Conor Lovett and directed by Judy Hegarty Lovett

21st February: Centre Culturel Irlandais

10.00-11.30: Panel 5: Beckett Between the Arts
Chair Dr. Dúnlaith Bird
  • Dr. Lea Sinoimeri, Between written and spoken word: radiophonic strategies in Samuel Beckett
  • Dr. Sjef Houppermans, Beckett et les frères Van Velde
  • Patricio Orozco, Dance theatre and hidden choreographies in Beckett texts

11.30 – 13.00: Beckett Brunch: Beckett, Croissants et Discussion
Chairs Dr. Thomas Cousineau, Prof. Elizabeth Angel-Perez
  • Prof. John Wall, L’au-delà du dehors dedans/The beyond of the without within
  • Doireann Lalor, Beckett and Translation: The Italian Facet

For further information and registration, please contact dunlaith.bird@ens.fr or www.ens.fr