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Samuel Beckett on the set of Quadrat.

Image: Samuel Beckett on the set of Quadrat.

This week, Tablet Magazine reviews the new David Mikics biography of French philosopher Jacques Derrida. The London Review of Books examines Philip Roth's most recent novel, The Humbling. And Mark Thwaite has published an essay on the theme of madness in Shakespeare's works. There's also an interview with Alice Herz-Sommer, the last woman alive to have known Franz Kafka; Cormac McCarthy appears on Oprah, where he discusses the influence of James Joyce on his writing style; and there's a chance to see the German television productions of Quadrat 1 + 2, written and directed by Samuel Beckett.


Best European Fiction Events 2010
Mervyn Peake: Titus Awakes in new addition to the Gormenghast series
Allen Ginsberg: A review of Howl, a film based on Ginsberg's life
J. G. Ballard: Etsy's Ballardian fridge magnets
Postmodern Novel and Society: From The Quarterley Conversation
Apocalypse Literature
Cormac McCarthy: Discusses the influence of James Joyce on his work
Philip Roth: London Review of Book's on Roth's recent novel, The Humbling
William Shakespeare: Mark Thwaite on Shakespeare and Madness
Franz Kafka: Alice Herz-Sommer, the last woman alive to know Kafka personally
Martin Amis: On writing Time's Arrow

Philosophy & Critical Theory:

Jacques Derrida: The Culture Machine on Sean Gaston's Derrida, War and Literature
Jacques Derrida: A review of David Mikics new biography
Walter Benjamin and Psychoanalysis: On new book, Catastrophe and Survival
Slavoj Žižek: Žižek discusses First as Tragedy, Then As Farce on French radio
Søren Kierkegaard: On translating Kierkegaard into English


Morton Feldman Interview
Jazz: The BBC and the future of Jazz
Jazz: Ornette Coleman: Jazz Revolutionary
Jazz: American Legends: Sonny Rollins


The Big Lebowski: Coen Brothers' film as Shakespearian play
Stanley Kubrick: Trivia on Jack's typewritten notes in The Shining


Newsnight Review: Host Kirsty Wark discusses the revamped BBC arts show


Bauhaus: Exhibition of Bauhaus at the Museum of Modern Art


Samuel Beckett: Quadrat 1 + 2


Inspiring Teachers
Reading Your Way Out Of Depression

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