Bea Ballard on her father, J. G. Ballard

A tribute to the late British author
1970: JG Ballard outside the house in Shepperton, Surrey. Photograph: David Reed/Corbis

Bea Ballard has written a moving tribute to her father, British author J. G. Ballard, who passed away earlier this year:
In 2009 the world lost one of its most original and brilliant authors, JG Ballard. But my siblings and I lost our father, our dearest Daddy. To the world he was this unique writer, with a huge international following, but to us he was simply a father, and the best you could ever hope for.

He had raised three of us single-handedly following my mother's premature death when we were five, seven and nine. It was the 60s, when single fathers didn't do that sort of thing. Most of his friends were sceptical. But he did raise us, as father, mother and much more besides. Fortunately for him, and for us, his work as a writer meant he could work from home and juggle writing with the care of us. So in between school runs, ironing school ties and cooking sausages and mashed potato, he wrote his novels and short stories – one minute conjuring up wild dystopias, the next watching Blue Peter. [Read More]

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