Disjecta: This week's links

(Herbert Bayer’s design for a cinema. 1924–25. Image via Design Observer)


Martin Amis on Vladimir Nabokov
William S. Burroughs: Charles Bukowski, William Burroughs, and the Computer
Paul Auster: The Rumpus interview with Paul Auster
Will Self: Will Self's introduction to Zamyatin’s cult classic novel, We
James Joyce: Philip French on the 1967 film adaptation of James Joyce's Ulysses

Philosophy & Critical Theory:

Martin Heidegger: Nomadics has déjà on the recent Heidegger and Nazism debate.
Assuming Gender: Call for papers for the Spring 2010 issue of new academic journal.
Slavoj Žižek: Žižek discusses his new book, First as Tragedy, Then As Farce (via PhilosophyBites)


Stanley Kubrick: Brian Eno on Barry Lyndon (via Ballardian)
Stanley Kubrick: Anthony Burgess and Malcolm McDowell on A Clockwork Orange (via Ballardian)
Stanley Kubrick: Steven Spielberg on Stanley Kubrick, speaking in 1999
Woody Allen: Roger Ebert reviews the new Woody Allen film, Whatever Works
Woody Allen: French auteur director Jean-Luc Godard speaks to Woody Allen
Michael Haneke: Sight and Sound reviews The White Ribbon.


David Bowie: Marc Spitz's new David Bowie biography
Kraftwerk: Amazon offer a comprehensive image of the new Kraftwerk Catalogue box-set.
Velvet Underground: Velvet Underground to reunite in New York.
Jazz: All About Jazz on the year 1959: The Year Classic Jazz Albums Were Born
Jazz: Sonny Rollins headlines this year's London Jazz Festival

Art & Design:

Architecture: Bauhaus at MoMA (via 3:AM Magazine)
Photography: Thomas Struth's Streets of New York
Brian Eno: Brian Eno and Steven Johnson on environments that foster innovation (via Jessa Crispin)
Francis Bacon: A Terrible Beauty (via 3:AM Magazine)
Leonardo da Vinci: The secret behind Mona Lisa's enigmatic smile (via boa_arts)