Disjecta: This week's links

(Image from The Folio Society: Paul Auster's New York Trilogy)

This week introduces Disjecta, a new weekly feature of A Piece of Monologue. It aims to digest news across philosophy and the arts into manageable bitesize portions. And yes, this format is a blatant steal from 3:AM Magazine's superb Missing Links column.


Philip Roth: Elaine Blair on Philip Roth's The Humbling
Philip Roth: Alex Clark on Philip Roth's The Humbling
Paul Auster: Joanna Briscoe on Paul Auster's Invisible
Paul Auster: Folio Society publish Paul Auster's New York Trilogy

Philosophy & Critical Theory:

Slavoj Žižek20th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall
Martin HeideggerNew York Times on Emmanuel Faye's book on Heidegger and Nazism
Martin Heidegger: Brian Leiter on the Heidegger and Nazism Question
Walter BenjaminTerry Eagleton on Walter Benjamin and Barack Obama
Ludwig Wittgenstein: Wittgenstein's eating habits (via Leiter Reports)


Woody Allen: Trailer for Woody Allen's Whatever Works
Alfred Hitchcock: Alfred Hitchcock Cameos
Alfred Hitchcock: Polish and Czech Hitchcock Posters (via roundmyskull)
Michael Haneke: Philip French on Haneke's The White Ribbon
Michael HanekeRyan Gilbey on Haneke's The White Ribbon
Michael Haneke: Time Out reviews Haneke's The White Ribbon


Jazz: Telegraph on the 100 Best Jazz Recordings
Bob Dylan: Will Self on Bob Dylan
Kraftwerk: The Quietus on Kraftwerk reissues


Will Self: On Starbucks coffee