Immanuel Kant's Walking Habits

A reflection on the philosopher's daily routine
Immanuel Kant
In a brief but interesting article, Joachim Koester attempts retrace the footsteps of philosopher Immanuel Kant's daily walks through the European city of Königsberg (now Kaliningrad):
"The life story of Immanuel Kant is hard to describe, for he had neither a life nor a story", writes the poet Heinrich Heine. In some respects this observation bears out. Throughout his life Kant stayed in Königsberg, the city where he was born. Never straying more than a few miles from town, he devoted himself to the pursuit of philosophical truths in complex and extensive writings, a task so monumental that he had to organize his days rigorously to secure the necessary time. In contrast, Kant was largely silent about himself. He kept no journal; the details about his life are sparse and must be gleaned from what he accidentally let slip through. Most stories of Kant come only from people who knew him or observed him directly. Of the few daily activities Kant engaged in, his walks have been imbued with the most significance. [Read More]