The Samuel Beckett Leather Portfolio

Replicas for sale
Photograph of Samuel Beckett holding a leather portfolio
R. Horn's, Vienna: The Samuel Beckett leather portfolio
Fascinating, or downright peculiar:

R. Horns in Vienna, who specialize in fine handmade leather goods, have found something of a niche in their market. With an eye on established literary figures, they offer a line of special edition goods that approximate those owned by distinctive European writers. The products aren't the originals, mind you, so buyer beware: each item is in fact a reproduction based on existing photographs.

The first example that caught my eye was the Samuel Beckett leather portfolio. The website describes it as 'modelled after a document case owned by Samuel Beckett in the 1950s'. I wish there was a little more information on this, or at least a more illuminating photograph. For a cool 395 € it can be yours.

Also available in their range of special editions is a Thomas Mann briefcase, and a leather eyeglass case modeled after that of Sigmund Freud.