The Perfect Coffee

Balancing the ingredients
Coffee diagrams by Lokesh Dhakar
Lokesh Dhakar has combined his enthusiasm for coffee and design to create a swish and straightforward guide to brewing the perfect cup. The Americano, a popular favourite, is included alongside the Cappuccino, Caffé Latte, and a host of majestic lesser-known concoctions. The images offer a beautifully simple and accessible guide that can be consulted at a glance to ensure all the ingredients are in perfect proportion.

My own current favourite is the espresso. It's the first thing I think about in the morning, as my feet stumble out from beneath the sheets. And I've developed an exciting morning ritual around the painstaking preparation of my French Roast coffee beans.

But, looking over Dhakar's diagram, I notice there is a discrepancy between the popular composition of an espresso and my own preference. My formula is a little more like this:

The Rhys Tranter espresso, based on Lokesh Dhakar's coffee diagrams