Withnail & I: Behind-the-scenes

Two go mad in Cumbria: McGann and Grant outside Sleddale Hall. Photograph: Murray Close/Proud Gallery

'Just opened at the Proud Gallery in London is a new exhibition going behind the scenes on Withnail & I, Bruce Robinson's cult classic, whose central location, Sleddale Hall, has just been sold. Your photographer: Murray Close, who cut his teeth shooting Stanley Kubrick's The Shining''

Proud Camden has opened an exhibition of photographs taken from the set of cult British film Withnail and I. The images were taken by Murray Close, who formed close ties with director Bruce Robinson and the principal cast. I've been a great fan of the film since my student days (surprise, surprise), and I've always been interested in all trivia and tidbits related it. The new exhibition not only promotes the more recognizable, iconic images from the film, but also reveals some of the lesser known photographs, and gives a new insight into the mood and atmosphere on-set. For any fan of Withnail and I, these are a must. Click here to view the online exhibition.