Radically unquotable

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'If quotations, in their fragmented force, destroy in advance the texts from which they are not only severed but which they exalt till these texts become nothing but severance, then the fragment without a text, or any context, is radically unquotable.'

Maurice Blanchot, The Writing of the Disaster
I've decided to add a new category to A Piece of Monologue, namely a 'Quotations' section which will allow me to share what I am reading with you in a more direct and accessible way. I love to write longer postings on complex issues or ideas that interest me, but I've been inspired by effectiveness of The Existence Machine's 'Noted' section and have decided to adapt it for this site. Of course, divorcing a quotation from its context comes ready-made with its own nuanced complexities, but the 'Quotations' section will not necessarily be the place to express them. It simply gives me a chance to share more, while opening up new opportunities for discussion.