Stanley Kubrick's Still Photography

The Chicago Tribune offers a selection of images
Railroad station, Chicago 1949. By Stanley Kubrick for Look magazine/Library of Congress
'Few people know that before he started making movies, Stanley Kubrick was a star photojournalist. In the summer of 1949, Look magazine sent him to Chicago to shoot pictures for a story called "Chicago City of Contrasts."'

I've spent this morning drinking hot, black coffee and looking at still photography by Stanley Kubrick, taken back in 1949. The Chicago Tribune offers a small gallery of Kubrick's photographs, before he established a reputation for himself as a filmmaker. It's wonderful to see the richness of the prints, and the evocative, atmospheric moods of post-war urban life. You can see the gallery by clicking here.

But if that isn't enough for you, and I'm supposing it won't be, a beautiful collection of Kubrick's photography has been published in Rainer Crone's Stanley Kubrick: Drama and Shadows.