Book Cover Archive

Book Cover Archive

'An archive of book cover designs and designers, for the purpose of appreciation and categorization.'

Sometimes I find judging a book by its cover irresistible. And now there's a website for like-minded artwork lovers. It's called the Book Cover Archive, and allows readers to search a wide range of titles according to author, designer, illustrator and perhaps most interestingly, publication date. There's also a blog-edition available for your perusal, regularly updated with news and tidbits.

Many of the images on display are of recent origin, I'd say the last decade or so, although the archive does span back to the mid-1960s. The profusion of American titles is also notable, although this may change as the website gathers steam and develops over time.

The folks over at the wonderful We Made This drew my attention to the link, and offer a few recommendations of their own to anyone interested in the design element of publishing. Fascinating stuff.