100 Things You Never Knew About Samuel Beckett

Colour Photograph of Samuel Beckett in blazer and turtleneck
What are the Top Ten Beckettian graveyards? Top Ten Diseases? Birds? Horses? Why the constant references to Dante? What comedy acts influenced Beckett's writing, and what were his thoughts on Buster Keaton? Well, calm yourself, dear reader. Finally, there are answers to the questions on everyone's lips.

To celebrate the centenary of Samuel Beckett's birth in 1906, 'Percy Puthwuth' has written a barmy and fastidious list of 100 Beckettian facts. It ranges from interesting trivia to bizarre observation, and encompasses both Beckett's work and his personal life. It was compiled, as you might have guessed, back in 2006, but you can read it by clicking here.