Francis Bacon: Tate Exhibition 2008

A retrospective of the Irish painter's work
Francis Bacon, 'Man Turning on the Light' 1973-74'.
'Francis Bacon is, to me, the main guy, the number one kinda hero painter. There's a lot of painters that I like. But just for the thrill of standing in front of a painting... I saw Bacon's show in the sixties at the Marlborough Gallery and it was really one of the most powerful things I ever saw in my life [...] The subject matter and the style [are] united, married, perfect. And the space, and the slow and the fast and, you know, the textures, everything. Normally I only like a couple of years of a painter's work, but I like everything of Bacon's. The guy, you know, had the stuff.'

David Lynch, interviewed by Chris Rodley
For the first time in over twenty years, Tate Britain is holding a major exhibition of Francis Bacon's paintings. For me, his work is the ne plus ultra of contemporary art; his paintings seek to portray and explore essence and sensation, and cut to the quick. His figures are assembled yet fragmented, troubled and beautiful and utterly compelling. I can't think of another twentieth century painter who has had such a powerful visceral impact. And it seems there are others who feel the same way. As David Lynch says, 'the guy had the stuff'.

The exhibition runs from 11 September to 04 January, and promises an exciting range of his work. The website has recently been updated, and features information about Francis Bacon and his career, alongside interviews with the late painter and the curator of the exhibition. There are opportunities to explore the exhibition online, plan your visit, and find access to the BBC's very own Francis Bacon archive. And, as though that wasn't enough, there's even a links page off-shooting to various websites and online Bacon resources. A fantastic place to spend five minutes or more. You can check it out here.