Philosophers: Simon Critchley

An online guide to the life and work of Simon Critchley
There is an ancient Ciceronian wisdom that says to philosophize is to learn how to die, but learning how to die also tells us something about philosophizing.

Simon Critchley, Very Little... Almost Nothing


Simon Critchley: Beckett, Literature, Philosophy
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Simon Critchley on Krapp's Last Tape 
Simon Critchley on Samuel Beckett
Fulcrum: Samuel Beckett as Poet
Travels in Nihilon: Critchley on Beckett and Adorno
Talk About Nothing: Simon Critchley and Fiona Shaw


Continental Philosophy
Simon Critchley's How to Read Series
Simon Critchley on Critical Theory
Simon Critchley on the Pursuit of Happiness
Simon Critchley on Martin Heidegger's Being and Time 
Heidegger on Death
Simon Critchley reflects on Punk and Nihilism
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Critchley: 'What is a philosopher?'
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How to Stop Living and Start Worrying
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Simon Critchley Interview: The Faith of the Faithless
Simon Critchley on the Tragic and its Limits

Academic Conferences

Simon Critchley on Shakespeare and Theory
Simon Critchley/Tom McCarthy Panels
Samuel Beckett: Out of the Archive: York 2011
Simon Critchley Workshop: Texas, 2010
Mapping the Lost Highway: David Lynch Conference 2009
Simon Critchley: Style in Theory
Can the Public Intellectual Save the University?

Film and Television

Simon Critchley Interviewed on Swedish Television
Simon Critchley on Samuel Beckett's Film  
Critchley on Nature in Terrence Malick


Simon Critchley on Contemporary Art