Filmmakers: David Lynch

An online guide to the life and work of David Lynch

The more unknowable the mystery, the more beautiful it is.

David Lynch


David Lynch on Ideas, Cinema and Billy Wilder
David Lynch: Behind the Scenes of Eraserhead
David Lynch: Eraserhead Interview (1979)
David Lynch talks to Mike Figgis
Is David Lynch Retiring from film?
David Lynch: Director of Dreams?
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Mysteries of Love: Documentary on Lynch and Blue Velvet
The Blue Velvet Project
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The Production Design of Lynch, Malick & Anderson
David Lynch on Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery
Mulholland Drive Screening: Barbican, London
Lost Highway Screening: V&A, London
I See Myself: David Lynch on Eraserhead

Art and Painting

David Lynch Artwork Retrospective
David Lynch Loves to Paint
David Lynch guest-edits Wallpaper*
David Lynch, Works on Paper
David Lynch on Painting
David Lynch on Film, Art and Photography

Others on Lynch

Kyle MacLachlan on David Lynch
Will Self interviews David Lynch
Tom McCarthy on the Prosthetic Imagination of David Lynch
J. G. Ballard on Blue Velvet


Twin Peaks: Behind the Scenes Photographs
Twin Peaks Weekender
David Lynch on BBC's The Culture Show
David Lynch on Film vs. Television
David Lynch on Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery
Reflections: An Oral History of Twin Peaks


Eraserhead: Original Soundtrack Recording (Deluxe Edition)
David Lynch on Music, Ideas and Brutality
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David Lynch and Lykke Li, I'm Waiting Here
David Lynch: Making The Big Dream
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Angelo Badalamenti on Blue Velvet and Twin Peaks


David Lynch: Guru of Transcendental Meditation
David Lynch on Having a Setup
David Lynch in Paris
David Lynch on Meditation
David Lynch and the Big Fish
The Man from Another Place

Academic Conferences

Mapping the Lost Highway: David Lynch Conference


Inside David Lynch's Club Silencio, Paris
Burroughs, Lynch and Warhol: Photography Exhibition
David Lynch's Club Silencio
Smarten up with surrealism
David Lynch on Twitter, Parties and Freedom
David Lynch Cooks Quinoa